Michele regularly runs classes for beginners and intermediate students in Maleny, as well as one and two day workshops either in Maleny or away.

Regular classes are restricted in size to eight people to allow each student appropriate individual attention. Classes run for 2 ½ hours with coffee/tea served midway, but no cessation of class.

In order to set a firm foundation for art experience, beginner students are introduced to the basic elements and principles of art – an 8 week course, before commencing watercolour tuition. It is assumed Intermediate students have been exposed to this basic art theory, however, these elements and principles are reinforced continually in class.

Demonstration of technique and exercises designed to develop watercolour skills, are teaching methods Michele employs. The tutor does not touch the student’s piece, but techniques for solving various problems the student encounters will be demonstrated on a separate sheet of paper.

As an important teaching tool, students are encouraged to submit their work within the class for critique. Students are encouraged to attend workshops conducted by other artists who have superior skills and experience to Michele. They are also encouraged to develop their own style, confidence as artists, and learn to critique their own and other’s work in a constructive way.

"…You never burst my bubble. My dream that I could achieve success! Whenever I gave up hope you revived me and gave me the encouragement I needed to try again. That was the most important lesson you gave me. I am very grateful to you for that. You were always generous with your knowledge. Your demos were awe-inspiring to say the least!! You were able to move between your students with apparent ease and keep us all "hard at it" in spite of our very different levels of skill and achievements. Surprisingly I have never desired to move to an easier mode of painting. I have been sucked in by your enthusiasm for watercolour painting…"

Virginia , May, 2007

"…I can attest to her patience and willingness to spend time with her students who are attempting to grasp the intricacies of the interaction of paint and water on paper. Her classes are relaxed, creative sessions that give an immense feeling of satisfaction. Be it that you are drawn to landscape, seascape, portraiture or still life, Michele has the training, knowledge and skills to enable you to develop your preference and your own style and expression. "Michele has imparted to me the joy and enchantment of watercolour. The magic of this medium has pulled me in and I know it will always be part of my life."


"You have encouraged and challenged me, and my paintings have become bolder and stronger. I appreciate the consistency of your approach and your reinforcement of focus and basic principles of composition and design."

Valda , Retired teacher, July, 2007

"Michele is a generous teacher, sharing her skills as an artist. She is encouraging to students, no matter whether they are beginners or more advanced. At the same time Michele offers an honest assessment of her students’ work, along with guidance as to how to improve the students’ skills. Michele is a conscientious and excellent teacher who leads her students in a positive way to progress and enjoy watercolour painting.”

Andree , retired teacher

“…Michele has mastered the art of teaching. She constantly demonstrates the ability to:

  • Plan and provide lessons that are tailored for each student to experience success regardless of their level.

  • Appraise student work in a constructive, positive manner.

  • Teach techniques in an easy-to-understand way

  • Build a rapport with each student….”

Keith, retired teacher/lecturer, June 2007

Michele has an amazing eye for watercolours and an intuitive understanding of how the colours, brushstrokes and paper will combine. She encourages beginners to use quality paper, paints and brushes and is able to achieve stunning results from a limited range of colours. Michele has demonstrated various techniques for painting subjects ranging from portraiture, land and seascapes to buildings and perspective. She is able to draw on her formal art training to assist with these subjects. Michele encourages all students to paint from their own subjects to ensure they have a real connection with their paintings. Michele has continued to extend her skills by attending workshops as well as presenting them herself. She encourages her students to also attend workshops and bring their learnings back to share with the group. Michele has an informal friendly teaching style that would make any newcomer feel comfortable. Her feedback and critiques of students’ work are always delivered in a positive manner. She continually provided me with guidance and helped me rescue many of my mistakes. Michele was able to assist in overcoming any challenging subject…..”

Sharon , June 2007